About the game

In this two-player game it's all about shopping and trolling your friends!
Try to collect all the groceries you need as fast as possible - or at least before your enemy does! You can use different items to stop your opponent from reaching his goals or to reach your own targets faster. Various settings let you customize the game to make it perfect for a short and intense or long and tactical game.



Version 0.1.1


This version requires Windows Vista SP2 (or newer) and Java 8 (Download it now) . No installation required.


This version requires Java 6 (Download it now) . No installation required.

Fixes and versions

24.10.2015: Fixed crash after moving to oil when it was not possible to slip. (Version 0.1.1)
20.10.2015: Release (Version 0.1.0)


What does FAQ mean?

Frequently asked questions.

Why have you made this game?

I made this for a school project. I planed to make a game before but didn't find the motivation to create it in a serious way. The project gave me the opportunity to do it.

My antivirus scans the game, what should I do?

At first let your antivirus scan the game, don't cancel it. It will recognize that the file is clean and let you play it. If this doesn't work download the version for other operating systems.

I've got a problem that is not mentioned here, what should I do?

Send me an E-Mail: (English or Deutsch)

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